MyDoctor 2.0

Project Details

Application Name: MyDoctor- Hospital Management System
Version History: Version 1.0–01/04/2009, 2.0–01/04/2018
Industry/Segment: Medical/Patient Care/Hospitals
Platform: Web based– Public Internet/ VPN
Application Type: Deployment/Hosted
Storage/ Data Centre:Secured Business Servers– Dedicated/ Shared
Cloud module:Not available


  • Can be further customized for specific needs of heart surgeons, Gynecologists for government compliance also
  • May read from medical devices having API based connectivity/ interfacing
  • Patients Appointment booking/ history through public web portal
  • Patient medical records through protected public web portal login
  • IPD Management and room billing system

Product Costing

Rs. 50,000 to 10 Lakhs (Available in various modules/options)

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