Eboutique+ 1.0

Project Details

Application Name:Eboutique+
Version History:Version 1.0/2020
Industry/Segment:Boutique/ Studio/Fashion Designer
Platform:Web based application
Application Type: Hosted


Fashion Designing/Boutique is a unique line of business wherein multiple tiers of work execution happens and it involves significant and complex amount of inventory management skills along with timely delivery of orders, best control on revenue aspects, skill full management of skilled working team in Job assignment, execution, trial and delivery. Fine implimentation of barcoding system not only enhances work speed but also helps in getting desired information at fingertips.

Most of these boutiques have immense need of having e-commerce platform to showcase their products and sale online. This solution avails single platform to achieve this online business revenue generation along with local tax compliance as desired along with full security to ensure smooth working.

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