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Cost effective Internet to Mobile SMS Messaging Service

Cost effective text messagingCheaper SMS through InternetPC to Mobile SMS Messaging

Easy Text Messaging: Login, Address Book, Operator Independent, Fast, Delivery Report based SMS Messaging

Team SANTRONIX is pleased to introduce cost-effective text messaging service through its powerful internet SMS gateways. Our SMS gateways are powerful, highly scalable and delivers SMS messages at instance along with delivery reports (optional). Easy availability of mobile/ cell phones has opened up a new horizon of SMS (text) messaging users.

Disadvantages of Traditional SMS (Text) Messaging?
    • Short Messaging Service (SMS) stands for Mobile to Mobile Phone text Message sending with International Standards of 160 characters per message
    • Traditionally Mobile/ Cell Phone Operator provides SMS Messaging through its supported handsets, Requires extensive efforts for typing, forwarding received/ new messages
    • Geography dependent Billing, Normally Operators charge SMS Messages sending based on Intra-Circle, Inter-Circle and International Circle Messaging
    • Operator specific issues: Some Operators do not have International level tie-ups in many Countries. Therefore, messages sent to these Country are not delivered.
Advantage Technology, Internet based SMS Gateway:
    • Faster, Always up: Our Internet based SMS Gateway are powerful, always UP to deliver best of performance and prompt delivery of Text Messages
    • Cheaper: Traditional SMS Messaging uses Operator to Operator Servers (multiple servers in some cases) and hence they are Costly and may take some time to deliver messages. Our Internet based SMS Gateway are Cheapest and cost-effective messaging solutions. We offer volume based messaging rates throughout Globe. Please click here to write to us to for Bulk messaging requirements
    • Easy to Use: We offer easy to user Internet based Messaging gateways. Users just sign in on our website and can maintain Address Book, Send to many, send on scheduled time text messages. You can in fact Copy-Paste from your Applications/ documents.
    • Developer/ Programmer Integration: We also offer HTTP request support to our messaging Gateways. It means that you could send text messages right from your Application/ Program based on your Database and requirements. This allows you to integrate just about any Software Application just by sending HTTP request to our specific URL.
    • Two-way Messaging Support: Our SMS Messaging Gateways also support Two-way SMS Service. It means that you could start numerous Applications like SMS Banking, Results on SMS etc wherein your designated Mobile Number takes request and our SMS Gateway delivers your Reply Message and/ or our long code/ short -code Mobile Number takes Input, sends requested to your designated Web-based Application and in response generates reply SMS.
    • Multiple usage of SMS Credits: We are shortly introducing use of SMS Credits to get mobile Ringtones, Wallpapers, operator logos, polyphonic tunes, mono tunes, caller tunes. You would be able to use your available SMS Credits to get these stuff on your phone without any need of buying separately.
    • Global Network Support: Our Internet based SMS Gateway supports SMS (Text) messages delivery to more than 500 networks across the Globe in many Countries.
    • Multi-Protocol Support: Our SMS Messaging Gateways support SMPP, HTTP protocols along with PHP, ASP, .NET, Perl, VB, VC++, JSP API Support along with Web, Pocket PC, Desktop, Mobile GUI Supports
    • Desktop SMS Messenger: Our Virtual Text Messenger Application empowers you to Send and Receive SMS Messages right on your Desktop
    • Do-Not Disturb Registry Filter: We offer realtime NDNC filtering for all outbound messages. We also offer transactional messages delivery mechanism for delivery to such registered subscribers.
    • One Technology, Numerous Applications: The Internet Gateway based SMS (Text) Messaging Technology has opened up numerous opportunities and pathway for Applications. Non-techies could deliver thousands of SMS Messages at single clicks, professional could send information/ alert messages based on service requirements and Software could directly embed Native text messaging Support in their applications. Please click here to write to us to write to us for your Volume Text Messaging requirement.

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Premium SMS Gateway Ready to use packages for sms within India
SMS Count
Rate INR
Validity days
5,000 credits
10,000 credits
25,000 credits
50,000 credits
1Lakh credits
(Prices are inclusive of Service Tax, SBC, KKC @15% and Payment Gateway charges)

Bulk Volume Text Messaging Query Form
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Internet based SMS Messaging Gateway Supporting Countries
  • Our SMS Gateway Support SMS Messaging to and fro from over 300 Countries to India.
  • All outbound SMS to International Countries are charged with 3.5 Credits per sms message.
  • All PUSH SMS messages to India are charged with 1 SMS Credit per sms message.
  • Sms Text limit - 160 characters for GSM Phones and 150 for CDMA phones

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