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E-Brochure - Generate Admission queries using SMS based Course Brochure system

Rapid spread of mobile phones has ushered all new perspectives for generating business and leads. SANTRONIX is proud to pioneer E-brochure application that avails all new perspective for Academic/ educational institutions to reach students with cheapest and widely available communication media.

What is E-Brochure system?
E-brochure Application is SANTRONIX's one of unique mobile and web technology driven application offering capabilities to get queries/ leads and automatically send e-mail based on inputs.
E-Brochure enables educational/ academic institutions to automate their admission enquiry process thereby availing opportunity to get maximum leads with their contact information in most cost-effective manner.
Who can use E-Brochure Application?
E-Brochure is most suited and preferred solution designed for educational institutions/ colleges/ schools/ coaching classes/ private tuition having huge inflow of enquiries and willing to automate this task.
E-Brochure is power packed effective solutions for receiving enquiries/ leads relating to services offered. It enables you to receive and auto respond queries from across whole Country without having need of employing manpower to handle processes.
How it works?
E-Brochure application is combination of mobile and web technology delivering world-class solution at most economical budgetary allocations.
1) Students/ end-user sms (text) their queries to your sms code along with their desired course/ service name and their e-mail ID.
2) This query is posted to E-Brochure Web Service which in turn validates input and extracts results from your pre-configured database.
3) Result extracted is delivered back to user in both ways.
4) A short sms reply with suitable response is sent to user mobile phone.
5) E-mail with welcome text, course brief information and brochure download link appears in this e-mail.
6) An e-mail alert is sent to In-Charge authority at your end for information and suitable action.

Can I customise look, feel and responses?
E-Brochure is fully flexible and customisable application offering capabilities with administrative console. This web service offers following features:
1) Your customised logo in admin console
2) Secured administration access and password change facility
3) Courses Master
4) Brochures (PDF/ DOC) masters
5) Customisable default auto response message
6) Incoming messages filter by period (today's queries shown by default)
7) Course-wise enquiries with Invalid e-mail ID enquiries separately shown
8) Print all reports and export data to Excel sheets
9) Edit/ Delete, Add new brochures to courses
10) Rich HTML and CSS support in E-mail messages, preview e-mail before save
11) Test service feature for checking sms based service response

Will I get database of users requesting E-Brochure?
All incoming queries are logged to database for reporting and detailed information to you. At any instance you can login to your admin console and view and export this numbers and their requested timings along with relevant information.
Which format brochures I can upload and what is allowed size?
We have availed DOC and PDF as two most suited formats for information brochure. You can upload individual files with maximum of 2MB size each and can add multiple brochures to one course.
E-mail generated to recipients contents only welcome mail and download link. Brochure is not sent in attachment, user could download this brochure at any time by following link given in e-mail.
Can I export this data to other popular applications?
User sends queries through mobile phone. Our system captures his mobile number along with e-mail ID given for brochure request. You can use both these contact sources for direct communication in future reference. All reports in console can be exports to popular Excel sheet format.
What is E-mail text sent to users?
When user enquiries for E-brochure, web service generates response e-mail to his/ her ID. This e-mail contains welcome text neatly formatted in HTML and CSS as e-mail body. This message is set by you in admin console and can be altered at any instance. We do not send any attachment in e-mail making it virus-free, secured and faster in delivery.
Do we need to have a website for using this application?
There is no special need of having website for this application. If you have existing website, you can refer/ quote it's name for ready reference of students/ visitors. Application required web space has been included in the project.
What are the documents that we need to provide you for this?
Send your Institution's Purchase order along with needful commercial formalities to initiate the work. Deployment would require list of Courses offered, brochures in DOC/ PDF format along with your College logo.
Students pay for charges of printed brochure, what if we use this technology?
Printed brochure and forms hold its significance. E-brochure enacts as shortest communication path for your prospective student to reach you. You can put brief DOC/ PDF for E-Brochure and avail detailed printed voucher if student plans to get admission or want detailed information.
Does student need to pay additional charges for the e-brochure in addition to the sms cost? Do we need to have a credit card?
There is no additional/ hidden cost to end-user person who is using this service. They would be charged only for short code sms service cost as mentioned below. This cost is deducted by your mobile operator in billing.
Which are available SMS numbers?
SMS short code service is best technology to implement this service. We offer sms short codes 56677, 56767 and 56161 having PAN India operator connectivity. You can choose from any of these numbers for your requirement.
What are available sms related features? What is reply auto-response sms length allowed?
SMS short code service enables our user to send and receive reply sms by paying nominal cost. User can send sms query within maximum limit of 160 characters. Your configured auto-reply sms to user can be of 160 characters or more. Text message above 160 characters requires handset capabilities and operator support to receive in form of single sms. User has to remember only 5 digits short code number to send this message.
How much time it will take for the response?
SMS short code messaging is automated two way service. When user sends sms, it reaches E-brochure application web server and server triggers response back to your cell-phone as well as e-mail ID mentioned. This whole process usually takes maximum of 2 minutes subjected to operator SMS services functioning normally.
How to get DOC/ PDF E-brochure?
Since DOC/ PDF brochures have multiple pages and related text, they are larger in size and hence attaching them with response e-mail is not feasible. Our system generates welcome e-mail along with download link for brochure, follow the link to get the brochure.
How will my end-user be charged?
SMS short code service is a premium rate text messaging service availed in association with mobile operators across country. Short code service is also known as two-way messaging service as it enables user to send as well as receive auto response from content/ service provider.
In India mobile operators charge Re. 1 to Rs. 3 depending on short code and operator alliance. Please specify this cost in your E-brochure promotion for user awareness.
Do you have any toll-free short/ long code available?
Currently there are no toll free sms short codes. Users need to pay charges to access short code information. Long codes are usual mobile phone number based services. Here user is charged with local/ national sms cost depending on his/ her operator circle and this long code circle. Auto response is not free in long codes and if required, this cost has to be borne by content provider.
We offer 9870801717 as long code sms service number.
How much time it takes to deploy?
If your Course brochures and related required documents are ready, this service can be enabled in 24 hours in a working day. Prerequisites are short/ long code number choice, keyword choice on short code, courses master and respective course brochures along with response sms and error message text finalised.
What are commercials involved?
SANTRONIX is proud to offer special early bird discounted rates as inaugural offer for service. This application is available in 3 months/ 6 months/ 12 months subscription basis.
Please fill in e-mail enquiry form in right pane. We would get in touch with you at earliest moment to discuss further on this.


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